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Ninety-one percent of businesses are improving their data quality, on some level, over the next 12 months, according to our most recent study. But, most businesses don’t want to deal with multiple vendors—they want a one-stop-shop for all of their data needs. Welcome: Data Quality for Salesforce.


From CRM managers to marketing managers, Salesforce systems impact various parts of your business.


At the heart of this technology is data—trusted data that needs to be used for analysis and reporting, segmentation, customer outreach, and more. That’s why Experian has partnered with Salesforce to make sure that contact information—email, phone, and address data—entering your CRM database is high quality and actionable from the get-go.


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An Experian and Salesforce customer, Caritas Australia, says Accurate contact data is essential for our community fundraising efforts. Fixing data is a never-ending task but Experian had the solutions to do this for us, validating the data we already had in the system and making sure that all new data is also validated. By doing that it allows us to save time and money. Direct Marketing Fundraising Manager at Caritas Australia, Viviane Piccinini.


5 reasons why you need a Salesforce data integration


Protect the integrity of your CRM and contact data

Inaccurate, fake, or harmful addresses, emails, and phone numbers should not be stored or used within Salesforce—otherwise the ramifications of this bad data will hinder the success of larger business initiatives. Automating data quality management accuracy will increase adherence to data standards and eliminate the potential for human error in data entry.


Maximise colleague and customer satisfaction

Contact data is essential to maintain strong relationships with customers. Poor contact data presents a roadblock in customer communication, which erodes the trust that employees have in your CRM system, and negatively impacts customers. Our solution protects business processes that rely on customer contact data for a seamless experience.


Recognise immediate return on investment

Deploy the certified solution directly from the AppExchange in less than 30 minutes* with default configurations and no coding required. Once deployed, the solution immediately improves the quality of the contact data being captured and maximises the ROI from your CRM system.


Increase marketing accuracy

With accurate customer email data, users can reach customers with increased confidence their campaigns and sales messages will reach the right person at the right place in a timely manner—improving overall marketing performance.


Cut operational costs

Leveraging accurate contact data, such as email, address, and phone, results in a more efficient operation (with less time and money spent on correcting errors) because risk of bounced back emails, calls, and returned mail are minimised.


Our 2021 Global data management report finds 95 percent of businesses have seen impacts related to poor data quality. These could range from wasted resources, damaged view of analytics and reporting, a negative impact to customer experience, and more.


With a Salesforce data integration, you’ll have the utmost confidence in the data that you and your team are capturing and leveraging—from online to your CRM to your marketing workflow.


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