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Custom Segmentation

Build a customer and prospect segmentation strategy as unique as your business

Combine your zero, first, and second party data with our consumer categorisation to build a truly unique customer segmentation

Truly understanding your current customer base is the key to unlocking future growth. Knowing how your customers behave, think, act and being able to have a full view of your prospects ensure you can find and connect with others as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Building an operational custom segmentation for your organisation with Experian is a valuable exercise which will give you the data insights necessary to fuel your growth strategy.

Our solutions can be tailored to your business, incorporating and surfacing the insights on data you already hold as well as combining it with the data held in Experian’s award-winning consumer categorisation platform, Mosaic.
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Why build a custom segmentation?

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Gain deep customer insights

Understand your customers like never before and use the insights to drive your go-to-market activities and decision making

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Build a unique segmentation strategy

Building a custom segmentation based on your data in addition to the demographic, socio-economic behaviours of your customers ensures unique insights that drive business

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Maximise your marketing spend

Make your marketing dollars go futher by ensuring you utilise your unique segmentation when communicating with new customers

Key features

Blend proprietary and market data

Ability to combine your zero, first, and second party data to our deep consumer insights to unlock a deeper understanding of your customer & prospect base


Identify active buying groups

Almost as important as knowing who will buy from you is knowing who will not. Understand and quantify your non customers, or prospect market at a greater level

Instant categorisation

Start building your custom segmentation immediately with no need to build a profile over numerous customer interactions

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Increased actionability of custom segmentation

Use the data-driven insights to immediately make better decisions about your go-to-market strategy

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Insights that drive cross-functional collaboration

Media buying is easier when you know who to target (Insights team and media buying can work together). Save spend by removing non-buyers

Deep predictive analysis

Predicting consumer behaviour has never been easier as we layer thousands of variables on top of your customer information

Experian Predict

Combine Experian’s market-leading data assets with our expertise to create and optimise predictive models

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Why trust your customer segmentation to Experian?


Trusted by thousands of the world’s biggest brands



Deep customer profiling and segmentation expertise

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Intuitive, scalable technology

Find out how to build your own custom segmentation with Experian

Combine Experian’s market-leading data assets with our analytical expertise to create and optimise predictive models that give you the ability to understand your customers’ likely behaviour.


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