Digital Audiences

Find and connect your ideal customer on the right platform

We use data and insights to activate your audience on digital platforms.

Our market leading insight platforms comprise over 1,200 segments of demographic, geographic, financial, property and market research variables.

We use this insight to drive audiences with impact. The unique understanding of your audience can deliver higher returns on marketing investment.

Experian Digital Audiences


Age, Gender, Lifestage, Education


Global, Groups, Segments & Types


Length of residence, Property type, Energy sources, Ownership status, Property value

Communication and technology

Access to and use of communication technologies


Accounts held, household income, investments.

Attitudes & opinions

Lifestyle, Advertising, Purchase preferences, Sport, Travel, activities & Interests

Experian can help you to reach the right people, at the right time, on the right platform.

Audience Taxonomy

Over 1,200 preconfigured audiences

Utilising geographic, demographic, financial, property and market research variables with reach across most New Zealand households.

Segments covering who we are, where we live, our finances, what we do, what we purchase and more.

Powered by our extensive digital linkage asset comprising more than 100 million digital identifiers.

Custom Audiences

Build your own unique audience. Blend thousands of data points to form an audience like no other.

Our team of specialists can help you build custom audiences that answer the most challenging briefs.

Digital Destinations

Currently we’re integrated with over 60 platforms, covering all the major social media and programmatic platforms as well as Digital Out of Home and Connected TV.

Key onboarding platforms such as Eyeota  enable you to access our audiences from almost anywhere, allowing you to run truly omnichannel campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to retarget your existing customers across digital channels, connect with more customers like them or explore new customer segments, Experian’s Digital Audiences can help.

Utilising a range of demographic, geographic, financial, property and market research variables our 1,200+ audiences can be used across any industry or campaign.

Available on over 60 digital destinations including social media, Connected TV, Out of Home and Programmatic, and supported by over 52 million linkage records, we can reach your audience on the platforms they respond to best.

Why Experian for your Audience solutions?

Audience identification

Our data enables you to find and connect with audiences based on a combination of demographic, geographic, financial and market research data – both online and offline data. Our audiences go beyond interest based on online behaviours.


Identify your audience based on financial capability and intent to buy, not general interest.


Enhance your first party data at scale and speed.

You know; Jo –

We know; Household composition, High assets, high income, low home loan repayments, likely to be university educated, likely to spend big on premium brands.


Omnichannel marketing; enabling you to connect with the same audience across a variety of platforms. Our data is available in over 60 digital platforms including social media, programmatic, Connected TV and Digital Out-of-home

Data acquisition

We don’t use cookies to derive information.

We do not rely on a single identifier, or single source.


Audiences are built from a wide variety of compliant sources.

Data is aggregated, modelled and overlayed with Experian insight.


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