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Better data quality for your CRM integrations

Integrated data quality technology for your CRM that powers your business operations

Empower your teams with accurate and reliable CRM data

Clean CRM data is a vital asset for any sales, marketing and operations team. However, only 51% of organisations* believe that their CRM customer data is clean. Having accurate, trusted data can enhance your customer experience, increase innovation, and drive more efficient business practices.

Experian brings advanced data quality solutions seamlessly into your CRM system so you can create and maintain an accurate view of your customers.

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Key features

Integrated CRM data quality

Sophisticated duplicate matching functionality for your accounts and contacts – ask us today for a free trial

Full flexibility and customisable matching criteria/business rules within your CRM

Improved automation and simplicity – our technology is built for business users, so there is less dependency on IT

Our intuitive dashboards and workflows ensure you can maintain data quality on an ongoing basis within your CRM

Why choose Experian to help you leverage your CRM data

Custom reference data to drive unparalleled insights

Experian can append thousands of unique consumer data variables to your existing data to give you the most comprehensive picture possible

Integrated technology for the world’s leading CRM systems

We have off-the-shelf integrations for the world’s most popular CRM systems which reduces the development burden on you

Deep data and CRM expertise

Our data quality and data management professionals have many years experience integrating data quality tooling into the market’s leading CRM systems

Why validate your address data with Experian?

Salesforce Partner

Salesforce CRM

Validate postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers globally in real-time. Our certified app integrates seamlessly into Sales & Service Cloud.


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Microsoft partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers at multiple touchpoints within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Technical Documentation
Sap Partner


Validate, standardise and complete postal addresses in real-time within SAP CRM and ERP to maximise your system ROI and ensure data accuracy.


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Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers through a certified cartridge on the Salesforce LINK Marketplace.

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