Feb 2022 | Articles |

A rapidly transforming market relies on agility in data management


Organisations have rapidly adjusted to a new set of operating principles. The pandemic has had a systemic impact on consumer attitudes and behaviours, supply chain management and regulatory legislation to name but a few.


This year’s Data Management Research Report lifts the lid on organisations’ current attitudes towards their data assets and how ‘becoming data-driven’ can engender competitive agility and growth.




In this report you’ll discover:

  • How poor data is impacting organisations in 2022
  • How heightened data maturity is fuelling business success
  • How an agile data management program lies at the heart of being data driven
  • How improved data quality can build better customer relationships

The global economic marketplace has been irrevocably changed. How organisations face up to this challenge and utilise their data assets to drive effective business performance will determine success and failure in the years to come.


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