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Leverage the data in your CRM

Clean CRM data is a vital asset for any sales, marketing and operations team. However, only 51% of Organisations* believe that their CRM customer data is clean. Having accurate, trusted data allows for an increased competitive advantage in the form of a better customer experience, increased innovation, and more efficient business practices.

How many duplicates exist in your CRM? How much of that data is even accurate? What’s the knock-on effect of dirty data?

Data quality, with seamless integration to your CRM

Experian brings advanced data quality seamlessly into your CRM system so you can create and maintain a single, accurate view of your customer data. With real-time and bulk contact data validation and sophisticated data quality tools to hand, you can ensure that you have trusted data to power business decisions.

  • Sophisticated duplicate matching functionality with Accounts & Contacts
  • Full flexibility around specifying matching criteria/business rules
  • Automation and Simplicity: Focused on business users, less dependency on IT
  • Maintain Data Quality on an ongoing basis within your CRM

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*Experian 2020 Global Data Management Research Report

Resources for your data migration

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Pre-built integrations
We offer pre-built integrations into several CRM, ERP and E-Commerce applications for a quick and seamless set up.
If you don't see your application here, please get in touch to learn how we can help.

  • Salesforce CRM
    Salesforce CRM

    Validate postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers globally in real-time. Our certified app integrates seamlessly into Sales & Service Cloud.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers at multiple touchpoints within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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    Technical Documentation

  • SAP CRM and ERP
    SAP CRM and ERP

    Validate, standardise and complete postal addresses in real-time within SAP CRM and ERP to maximise your system ROI and ensure data accuracy.

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  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers through a certified cartridge on the Salesforce LINK Marketplace.

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