Consumer Data Enrichment

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Improve your customer understanding

Better manage your customer relationships


Enrich your existing database with demographic, consumption or attitudinal information. Use Experian's consumer data to infill missing information and gain additional insight into your customers. Use Lifestage to understand your customers' family and household circumstances, or Children at Address to predict the likelihood of the presence of children at the address.


Containing over 500 variables, segmentations and propensities, Experian's consumer data is unique in its breadth and depth, the inclusion of a market leading demographic segmentation (Mosaic) and its ability to link offline and online data. ConsumerView is refreshed constantly, ensuring that it accurately reflects the universe of Australian consumers at any point in time.

Key Benefits

  • Gain a view of your customers not available from your data

  • Prioritise your customers and grow their lifetime value

  • Develop better retention and cross sell opportunities

  • Better tailor your product offering to your customers

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