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Diabetes Victoria accelerates its digital transformation and boosts operational efficiency using Experian’s data validation solutions


Since 1953, Diabetes Victoria has been the leading charity and consumer body working to reduce the impact of Diabetes in Victoria. As part of Diabetes Australia, the charity’s mission is to support, empower and campaign for those diagnosed, affected by, or at risk of Diabetes. This is achieved through on-going support, prevention programs and donation campaigns.




Diabetes Victoria has partnered with Experian since 2011 to accelerate its digital transformation strategy and achieve trusted data. The charity has long embraced a digital-by-default strategy to meet the evolving needs of constituents and ensure they remain well informed of the latest developments. The multichannel model has been underpinned by quality data.




Before data quality solutions were implemented, Diabetes Victoria experienced several challenges, including:

  • Customer identification – With multiple databases and conflicting data, it was difficult to identify customers and provide the services required
  • Goods collection – There were issues for drivers reaching properties to collect donated goods due to incorrect addresses
  • Mail delivery – The volume of undelivered mail was high, resulting in costly postal surcharges
  • Engagement – The organisation was heavily dependent on communication via mail but this limited the frequency and timeliness of engagement with constituents



Prepare existing data


As part of the initial work in 2011, the data quality team at Experian worked closely with Diabetes Victoria to identify their challenges and deliver a long-term solution that would eliminate future issues with data quality. At the time, Diabetes Victoria were migrating from multiple databases to a single platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud, so existing records were profiled, cleaned and de-duplicated to create a single view of constituents.