Aug 2021 | Audience Targeting |

For 25 years Experian has been helping organisations all over the world understand more about their customers to improve the timeliness and relevance of their communication with current and future customers. Our award-winning, privacy compliant, consumer segmentation solution, Mosaic, powers many of the insights our clients use to drive their marketing and analytics success. In this article we are going to take a deep dive into Mosaic and show you how organisations are realising the benefits from using this powerful consumer classification solution.


What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is the most comprehensive consumer classification tool in Australia. It can instantly provide organisations with a detailed and granular view of the socio-demographic profile of the Australian population and how that relates to their own customers. Mosaic utilises more than a thousand data variables from a variety of sources to develop a rich and detailed understanding of consumer behaviours and preferences. Using this insight into consumers, Experian models every Australian & New Zealand* household to classify them into one of 14 Groups and 51 Types, based on their likely behaviours and preferences, which can then be attached to an organisation’s database for analysis, insight and activation.


Why do businesses use Mosaic?


They say knowledge is power and information that is actionable is knowledge. Mosaic has always aimed to help organisations with more information about their customers that is fast, adaptable and at scale. Successful businesses connect with consumers. Whether it be as simple as understanding their preferred customer service needs or as complex as designing new products that appeal to valuable consumer segments. Mosaic powers the connections many successful businesses make with their consumers.


It’s obvious that not all consumers are the same but it’s also unrealistic that you can have personalised messages for 19m adults in Australia, the creative fees alone would cripple even those with the deepest pockets. Mosaic’s ability in classifying the Australian population and our client’s customer data at scale based on stable data and robust techniques allow organisations to help identify the profitable versus cheap to acquire or the early adopter versus the safe and steady. Built off solid foundations; Mosaic, stand alone or combined with 1st party data, helps organisations understand patterns of behaviours and preferences of customers buying from them today. It also gives them the chance to Predict what they will need in the future, making them well placed to deepen their relationship further. This understanding can then be used to drive valuable engagements with customers through improved marketing, service delivery and resource allocation.


Who are ‘Determined Suburbans’?


There are some key socio-economic factors that drive the allocation of each Mosaic segment across the Australian population. These fundamental attributes provide a concise summation of the consumers classified in each segment:

Type F17: Determined Suburbans (sub-set of Group F: Establishing Roots)