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We are very excited to announce that Experian has integrated our email validation software into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a marketing automation platform that helps clients run campaigns.


This easy-to-install platform not only frees up your marketing team’s time by automating campaigns, but also reduces risk of undelivered emails hurting customer experience and return on investment.


Email is a popular and budget-friendly channel that can easily connect you with customers. Whether it’s a sales inquiry for full-blown email campaign, trustworthy email data means you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Head to the Salesforce App Exchange to deploy email validation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud today.


Salesforce App Exchange



Top features  

Email validation  

For every email that is changed or updated on the customer account, our solution will validate the email to ensure accuracy. Relying on all SMTP providers, we can ensure the client’s email data is active and accepting emails.  


Automatic monitoring  

Experian will automatically monitor any change in emails hosted, so our client doesn’t have to. We will also verify emails as they are changed.  


Reporting generated  

The Experian self-service, SaaS portal allows you to manage your hosted products and services including licenses, tokens, and users. You can create usage reports to monitor validation rates and set up notifications for key metrics.  


Easy to install  

Our solution is easy to install as it can be deployed from the Salesforce AppExchange site.  


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Top benefits  

Protect the integrity of your email data  

Invalid emails can result in unnecessary costs. Automating quality monitoring and verifying emails can ensure accuracy and email deliverability for campaigns and more.   


Maximize colleague and customer satisfaction  

Preferred contact data, like email, is essential to maintain strong relationships with customers.  


See immediate return on investment 

Deploy the certified solution directly from Salesforce AppExchange in less than 30 minutes with default configurations and no coding required. Once deployed, the solution immediately improves the quality of email data and maximizes the ROI on marketing and customer outreach. 


Cut operational costs  

Leveraging accurate email data results in higher ROI because risk of bounced back emails and spam traps are minimized.  


Experian’s email validation software integrated for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is like a golden ticket for marketing teams. Automating campaigns with trustworthy emails saves marketers time to focus on delivering a seamless customer experience and growing bottom line.

Interested in learning more about our email validation software in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Speak with an Experian rep today.