Apr 2019 | Reports |

The continuing rapid pace of digital adoption and with it, a fast-growing digital ecosystem are changing the relationship between businesses and consumers in Asia-Pacific. While businesses are striving to drive and unlock the benefits from increasingly digital lifestyles, they face a multitude of challenges. Customers enjoy being recognised and expect to be met with a personalised experience at every interaction. At the same time, the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks including online fraud requires a corresponding response to guarantee the safety of personal data and safeguard businesses’ reputation.


What are the key factors that matter most to consumers for gaining trust and confidence in an increasingly digital world? What does it take to build trust online? Are businesses doing enough with the information they already have access to, to better recognize and deliver experiences that their customers expect?


These are just some of the questions we asked in the 2019 Asia-Pacific Global Identity and Fraud Report. We conducted research among more than 10,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses across 21 countries, globally. With Asia-Pacific representing such a diverse set of markets, we have dedicated a report entirely to the region.


Download the complete 2019 Asia-Pacific Identity and Fraud Report to learn why:



71% of consumers

say security is their number one priority during their online experience


67% of businesses

report an increased concern for fraud losses since last year



73% of consumers

are willing to go through a more thorough process when opening an account if this enables a more convenient experience later


81% of consumers

feel strongly that it is important for businesses to be fully transparent about how their information is used


This report is one in a series of reports that we are publishing in 2019. Watch this space for our Asia-Pacific Consumer Trust Index Report to get more insights on the diverse Asia-Pacific region.