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Marketing in 2020: How Marketing will drive business innovation and strategy

Transforming Australian businesses into truly agile, customer centric organisations will take time with most progressive organisations seeing it as a journey rather than a destination. And while there are no maps or charts to guide us, just as great explorers weren’t dissuaded, enterprise explorers must be willing to begin the journey knowing that there are treasures for those that get started and get it right.


Our latest whitepaper, the second in our CMO series, looks at how marketing will drive business innovation and strategy through customer centric transformation. Based on research conducted across leading Australian CMOs the report reveals the journey that forward-thinking organisations are on and looks at the practices they are using to accelerate and deliver customer-centricity to their organisations as they navigate towards 2020.


Download this whitepaper to learn the 8 effective practices of progressive customer centric CMOs, including:

  • Acquire a deep understanding of the customer
  • Create an environment that accepts failure
  • Ensure measurement metrics are directly linked to financial performance
  • And more!

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