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Experian is excited to announce the upcoming launch of two innovative solutions in New Zealand that will help redefine the way you engage with your customers.

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Embark on a journey of innovation and excellence as Experian is set to introduce two solutions set to enhance the digital banking landscape in New Zealand. In a world where customer experience and real-time insights reign supreme, our upcoming offerings are designed to elevate digital banking interactions.

Transaction Enrichment

Unlock the power of transaction data

In the dynamic realm of digital banking, understanding transaction data is the key to empowering both customers and your business. Enter Experian Digital’s multi award-winning Transaction Enrichment, a market-leading solution engineered to provide instant clarity on bank statement data. Your customers can gain real-time insights into their spending, and your business can reduce costs through lower call volumes and chargebacks.

With over 7 billion transactions processed per month, our super-fast API provides a 98% match rate and accurate, in-depth details in less than 35ms, so you and your customers can truly understand bank statement data fast.

Benefits at a glance

Real-time insights – Instantly understand what, where and how much your customers are spending. You can also enable meaningful transaction alerts for your customers to help them stay on track.
Reduce call centre traffic – Cut down on calls related to “transaction not recognised” queries by up to 50%.
Reduce chargebacks – Benefit from up to a 25% decrease in chargebacks due to unrecognised transactions.
API driven integration – Seamlessly integrates with your existing digital applications.
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Merchant Search Portal

Empower your customers and employees

Navigating the intricacies of merchant information has never been easier. Introducing the Experian Digital Merchant Search Portal – a game-changer that helps you instantly clarify merchant information behind a transaction when customers contact you with transaction queries.

No tech integration is required so you can instantly roll out this solution to your contact centre and branch network, reducing call times and customer confusion.

Benefits at a glance

Fast service – Instantly clarify merchant information, providing fast, quality service to your customers.
Reduce call duration – Cut call times from over 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes, saving thousands of hours annually.
Reduce chargebacks – Minimise chargebacks due to unrecognised transactions and friendly fraud may be reduced.
Instant roll out – No tech integration for instant roll out to your contact centre and branch network.
Simple pricing – No long contracts or complicated pricing tiers – focus your resources on what matters.
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What some of our Australian clients say about these solutions

As a bank, a core competency and focus is providing customers with financial services and products to suit their everyday needs, which is why our partnership with Look Who’s Charging is an important one. Our priority is to improve the experience for our customers and the data enrichment provided by Look Who’s Charging is a key enabler to improving the customer experience.

Emily – National Australia Bank

Look Who’s Charging had this really innovative solution and they enabled us to provide real customer value in a relatively short time frame.

Jeff – ANZ Banking Group

We see the integration of Look Who’s Charging data as a key stepping-stone towards being able to give our clients deep and holistic insight into their spending habits, from categorisations to predictions, and ultimately allowing them to better manage their money.

Kevin – Data Action

I don’t even bother with Google anymore. I just go straight to Experian Look Who’s Charging. The data is so much more meaningful and helps me to quickly and easily resolve customer queries.

Anonymous – Big Four Australian Bank

The site is so clear and easy to use, all the information we need is right there.

Anonymous – Big Four Australian Bank

Experian Look Who’s Charging is a game changer. Via their web portal we have resolved many calls quickly and efficiently that would otherwise have resulted in an unhappy customer and a chargeback

Operations Manager – Westpac Banking Corporation

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