Target Audiences

Trust We Gained

Standard Audiences

Experian worked with digital partners to create new standard market segments that have appeal to a broad range of companies and industries. E.g. Household Income and Mosaic.



Reach and Relevancy

Experian re-tuned its Standard Audiences, making them broad enough to ensure reach, yet narrow enough to guarantee that you are targeting the right people.

Custom Audiences

We can help you reach out to customers living close to your stores by defining your trade zone, building an audience based on drive-time or distance, and matching to potential customers. We can also build look-a-like audiences that represent your best customers or create exclusion audiences, increasing conversion and reducing the cost-per-acquisition.

Key Benefits

  • Experian has the largest consumer database in Australia, ensuring high coverage on digital channels so that your campaign will find enough prospects, even in niche markets.

  • Best practices in data management and technology integration guarantees your message is reaching the right audiences.

  • Industry targeting enables you to reach out to consumers according to the type of car they prefer or the credit card they are interested in.

  • Target audiences based on a broad variety of demographic data including income and Mosaic segmentation.

  • Time of year allows you to target people based on how they behave during seasonal events, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

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