Standards and Regulations

Working with Experian’s other regions and our Head of Global Corporate Responsibility, we have defined six essential responsibilities and these provide the framework and direction for our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy and objectives.

We have a responsibility to:

  • Use and protect data properly, respecting all the relevant laws, helping evolve industry guidelines and new legislation and ensuring a culture of compliance with the highest standards of integrity.
  • Create social and economic benefit through our products services and capabilities, balancing commercial benefit with consumers’ rights and needs.
  • Inform and empower consumers, and ensure that those who interact directly with our company receive fair and honest treatment.
  • Be a good employer to all, establishing a set of expected behaviours and values, ensuring that everyone working for us is treated fairly, given the maximum opportunity to fulfil their potential and that all our workplaces are safe and healthy.
  • Minimise as far as possible the environmental impacts associated with our business and enable employee participation, with a particular concentration on the reduction of energy use and its effect on global warming.
  • Play an active part in social and economic regeneration in our communities, be they local, national or global.

For more information on our CR programme, refer to our CR report and the Experian Group website.