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Media Channel Preference

Media Channel Preference

Determining the optimal communications channel is a critical factor in connecting with customers and prospective customers. Today’s consumer typically engages across multiple channels on their path to purchase and is influenced by a wide range of factors including the recommendations of friends and family. Experian helps you uncover channel preferences by using our considerable consumer data assets to expose underlying channel tendencies. We provide baseline channel segmentation as well as offering customised services which integrate your data (customer, product/service, research and transaction) to create channel engagement personas specifically tailored to your requirements. This unique consumer perspective supports the delivery of high performance channel engagement and marketing strategies. We can also help you to understand how consumer channel engagement impacts your sales performance through physical and digital channels by modeling your retail/branch networks in conjunction with the digital/channel footprint of your customers and prospects. By implementing our associated measurement services you’ll also be on the path to continuous improvement by making sure you capitalise on campaign successes and avoid the failures. Experian’s consumer data also allows you to link directly to audiences across a range of digital channels meaning that your channel preference solution can be easily integrated with your digital marketing program.

Experian’s central consumer database, ConsumerView, covers over 14 million Australian adults, 10m residential households and 51m linkage records. Data integrity is maintained through the regular processing of suppressions, such as deceased records, opt outs and marketing unsubscribes.

Key Benefits

More engaging customer communications leading to improvements in retention, cross sell and acquisition
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Improved campaign performance
Cog recycling
Lift sales and campaign response
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Simplified audience activation and media planning
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