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Measurement and Attributon

Measurement and Attributon

Are you trying to conduct the all-important, but very difficult task of assigning attribution and measuring ROI on your marketing activities? This task can be crucial to inform the most effective areas to spend the marketing dollar. And if done right, can lead to impressive results from your marketing activity. Experian’s consultants are well versed in the science of marketing attribution and can help you get a more accurate measure on return on investment. Our involvement with thousands of marketing campaigns across all types of different industries means we are experienced in removing the extraneous influences from your campaigns and being able to calculate the true ROI of marketing activity.

Our mesurement services range from simple single campaign-single channel reporting to more sophisticated mutil channel/campaign models. We’re happy to implement fast baseline measurment reports and then work with you to build these into more complex attribution models allowing you to plan and execute a marketing program with unrivaled clarity around financial investment and sales performance.

Key Benefits

More effective marketing spend
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Continuous improvement
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Quanitify ROI
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Improved strategic planning
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Lift customer engagement
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