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Ensure data accuracy at every interaction with your customers to build
better relationships and grow revenues

Attract, retain and service customers like never before

Focusing on the accuracy of your customer data can help you increase your business performance. Improved communications, less operational errors and better decision making are just some of the beneficial outcomes you could experience by using customer data validation software and services from Experian.

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Why improve the accuracy of your customer data?

  • Improve your marketing results
    Improve your marketing results

    Make every marketing dollar count by ensuring the best rate of contact success.

    However your customer and prospects like to be contacted, accurate data builds the foundations for better ROI.

  • Put customer service at the centre of your operations
    Put customer service at the centre of your operations

    Having up-to-date customer data is crucial for an effective customer experience.

    Better communications, accurate account management, and reputational growth all stem from correct customer data.

  • Make faster, smarter decisions
    Make faster, smarter decisions

    Understanding the accuracy of your customer data is crucial when setting critical sales and marketing strategies.

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Why validate your customer data with Experian?

  • The most authoritative data sources in the market
    The most authoritative data sources in the market

    Experian holds the most comprehensive and accurate data sources in the market.

    We cross-reference, verify and update our data repositories on a daily basis to ensure our clients have access to the best data possible.

  • Cloud-enabled innovative technology
    Cloud-enabled innovative technology

    On-premise, cloud, hybrid? However your business is set up, Experian’s award-winning technology provides the flexibility and dynamism to support.

    Unrivalled UX, rapid processing speeds and a deep technological heritage ensure you can worry about something other than the tech!

  • Trusted globally
    Trusted globally

    We operate in 45 countries, and are trusted by thousands of brands to deliver innovative, accurate data-driven solutions every day.

    Experian takes great pride in having the opportunity to support our clients’ ambitions and challenge ourselves to reach the very highest standards.

  • Deep data expertise
    Deep data expertise

    Experian has a deep data heritage. We've been delivering data driven solutions for over 100 years, and the skills of our team are second to none.

    We live and breathe data every day - ensuring our clients get the guidance, support and solutions they need.

Data validation products from Experian

  • Email Validation
    Email Validation

    Reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation and increase deliverability.

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  • Address Validation
    Address Validation

    Capture accurate addresses and reduce mailing costs, avoid delivery costs and improve customer perception.

    Learn more

Featured Articles

Burwood CouncilShisir

The Experian team has been very professional in handling our requests and resolving them promptly. They understand our business well and provide the best solution suitable to our environment.

Lexer Pty LtdKristy

Experian data is a real differentiator for Lexer and for our clients that use Lexer. I really value the partnership I have with the team, who are all really friendly, responsive and creative in their recommendations for how the data can be used.

Foxtel Management Pty LtdGreer

Great working with the Experian contacts and team - highly knowledgeable, great understanding of our needs and always willing to help.

Ikea Pty LtdWendy

Great client service, strong analytical team and a strong enabler to help internal client collaboration.


I like the structured, collaborative and pro-active approach the Experian team has in our business interactions.

Suncorp New ZealandMing

Hard working team, flexible work arrangement and always focus on customer's needs.

BT Financial GroupShurjo

Extremely professional and eager to help. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist with our needs and current pain points

Australian Financial Security AuthorityRichard

I've been dealing with Experian for a few years and always found them to be extremely helpful. They listen to our problem statement and make suggestions that is appropriate to the size of our agency. I wish all our interactions with vendors were the same.

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