Continuous Data Improvement

Create a culture of data quality within your organisation

Make data your most strategic asset

Due to the sheer increase in volume and complexity of the modern data landscape, many data management outsourcing solutions have struggled to keep pace due to outdated architecture. Fortunately, these modern data demands were precisely the environment Experian’s data quality management software was designed for.

Our continuous data improvement solution delivers exceptional productivity and performance due to its unique correlation architecture. This revolutionary approach enables instant profiling analytics, relationship discovery and high speed data quality processing, ensuring rapid time to value and productivity amongst your data quality teams.

Experian Pandora for Continuous Data Improvement – How it works

In many companies, there is an uncontrolled growth of data; the master data is often stored in a wide range of applications and databases. Building a functional database to store, manage, and secure your data requires expertise that many organisations simply don't have in-house. But companies with a surplus of data and data sources need a single source of truth where they can retrieve insights, enrich their data and manage it all securely.


With Experian Pandora, you can create a unified view of your customer master data – the tool will give you the opportunity to take this a step further and allow you to edit transformations, manipulate data and make it easier to then profile that data . On top of that, we help you empower your organisation towards data quality maturity in record time due to its exceptional performance, flexible ease of use and complete alignment to each element of the data quality lifecycle.


Whether you're delivering localised improvements or enterprise wide data quality management, Experian Pandora can deliver. Book a demo with our Experian sales representative today.

How Experian can help

  • A complete view of customer interactions for better business decisions

  • Monitors and reports on your data quality automatically with customisable dashboards and alerts

  • Data quality reporting without interrupting day-to-day business operations

  • Support from an experienced consultant during the entire project

Featured Articles

Steven MilesData Quality Manager, Speedy Hire Plc
Immediate visibility into what is really happening with our data has presented incredibly valuable, insights. Pandora is incredibly quick and it’s very intuitive.
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