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Single Customer View

Build a deep understanding of your best customers so you can delight and grow

Combine best-in-class reference data and intuitive technology to build a complete picture of your customers

When customer data is kept in multiple systems, duplicates and discrepancies are unavoidable. Coupled with an ever-increasing number and variety of digital platforms, having a complete and accurate customer view is becoming increasingly challenging.

Experian’s Single Customer View solutions incorporate best in class data preparation, data matching, golden record creation, monitoring and consultancy capabilities.

Experian has designed and built Single Customer View solutions for a wide range of industries and for a wide range of use cases, including marketing automation, customer service, analytics and fraud detection.

How we build a Single Customer View

Our approach focuses on the data and provides a methodology that will consolidate, clean, fix, link, harmonise, and enrich with additional customer insights across all data assets within a business.

The 4 stages are:

  1. Investigate – Extract data from systems across your organisation, consolidate it, and assess its accuracy and completeness as the first step to cleansing and validating.
  2. Assess – Consolidate and profile the data so you can assess potential strengths and weaknesses within it, in the context of business priorities.
  3. Improve – Bring consistency to the way your data is formatted, ensure your customer data is accurate, and fill the gaps using our unique range of reference data including location and socio-demographic data sets.
  4. Control – Compare records, identify and harmonise duplicates, create a golden record and give each individual a unique identification number and ensure you can maintain an up-to-date and accurate view over time.

The benefits of building a Single Customer View

Customer Experience

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and build trust and loyalty

Operational Efficiency

Save time, money and empower your organisation to take advantage of new opportunities

Fraud Identification and Decisioning

Know who your customers are so you can protect them throughout their journey with you

Regulatory Compliance

Have a single view of each customer for compliance with key regulations

Research shows…


93% of organisations say the quality of contact data has become more important over the last 12 months*


89% of organisations say contact data has become more important than ever to reach their customers during the pandemic*


68% of organisations say their contact data is decaying faster than ever so they need a sustainable data quality solution*

Single customer view in action

Financial Services

Understand how you can deliver deeper customer insight and grow customer value with a single customer view

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Learn how to improve your customer exprience and drive value with a single customer view

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Why build a Single Customer View with Experian?

Quality of reference data

We combine your existing customer data with the market’s most comprehensive consumer data and pin every unique record for one golden contact view

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Intuitive technology

Our easy-to-use platforms and API-driven technology ensures unrivalled connectivity and improved adoption in your customer, insight and marketing teams

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Deep data expertise

Our team of data quality and data management consultants have built single customer view programs for some of the world’s biggest brands

Extremely professional and eager to help. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist with our needs and current pain points.

Shurjo, BT Financial Group

I’ve been dealing with Experian for a few years and always found them to be extremely helpful. They listen to our problem statement and make suggestions that is appropriate to the size of our agency. I wish all our interactions with vendors were the same.

Richard, Australian Financial Security Authority

Hard working team, flexible work arrangement and always focus on customer’s needs.

Ming, Suncorp New Zealand

I like the structured, collaborative and pro-active approach the Experian team has in our business interactions.

Dan, Google

Great client service, strong analytical team and a strong enabler to help internal client collaboration.

Wendy, Ikea

Great working with the Experian contacts and team – highly knowledgeable, great understanding of our needs and always willing to help.

Greer, Foxtel Management

Experian data is a real differentiator for Lexer and for our clients that use Lexer. I really value the partnership I have with the team, who are all really friendly, responsive and creative in their recommendations for how the data can be used.

Kristy, Lexer

The Experian team has been very professional in handling our requests and resolving them promptly. They understand our business well and provide the best solution suitable to our environment.

Shisir, Burwood Council

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