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Master data management

Enhance your master data management project with Experian’s Aperture Data Studio

Master data management is absolutely critical to an organisation’s success

Master data is core data that helps manage business processes, providing context around the data assets that an organisation holds on particular data domains.

Master data management, then, is the tools, processes and people that ensure this master data is complete, accurate and able to be used to inform business decision-making capabilities across the organisation.

Master Data and its management is no small undertaking. Many frameworks and tools exist to help implement it, such as Experian’s Aperture Data Studio. Our solution can help your organisation fix and remove bad data, including inaccurate, duplicate or incomplete records to enhance your MDM projects.

Features and outputs of a Data Quality project can help enhance your MDM project, these capabilities can help your organisation deliver your master data management program


Ensure uniformity across multiple data sources and business views of data, transforming the data into consistent formatting that is beneficial for all who intend to use it. In the case of Product Master Data Management we can help organisations maintain a consistent representation of their product assets.

Cleansing and Validation

Cleansing of data is a vital component for any successful MDM project and will correct inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise erroneous data by either removing or fixing it.

Validation of the data post-cleanse can be used to ensure that email addresses, phone numbers and addresses are verified as capable of receiving messages. These capabilities are highly relevant for customer mastering.

Create a single-customer view

Experian Single Customer View solutions incorporate best in class data preparation, data matching, golden record creation, monitoring and consulting capabilities.


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