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Social Marketing

The Purely Social Solution

Experian Social is a unique social media advertising tool for creating, managing and optimising social advertising campaigns. The sophisticated platform allows you to target specific demographic groups and tailor creative and offers to meet your campaign needs.

Our range of specially targeted social solutions includes:

Campaign Creation

The Experian Social platform, Alchemy, is the most sophisticated tool on the market for creating, managing and optimising social advertising campaigns.

As one of Facebook’s original Ads API partners, Experian Social is a powerful platform that allows you to  quickly develop a multitude of advertising creative and targeting options, and run multi-variant testing to determine the best performing campaign.

  • Axis based ad creation system - Create 1000s of ads in seconds, combining location, targeting & creative; impossible to do manually
  • Auto-analytics integration - Integrate with your campaign via APIs. Experian Social works with many analytics providers
  • Dynamic Token Insertion - Dynamically insert the keywords and locations you target in your ad copy for greater relevance

Configuration & Optimisation

Experian Social can be configured and optimised to best suit your needs. Significantly it can also assist in managing your social media advertising spend in the most cost effective and time critical way possible.

  • Track multiple conversion points - Track and optimise up to 3 conversion points with our pixel and javascript (JS) conversion solutions
  • Control Spend by Segment - Control your budget by location and target group so that you don’t have to create multiple campaigns
  • Auto-optimisation - Our conversion tracking solutions and analytics integrations enable near real time optimisation to cost per acquisition(CPA)

Management & Reporting

With detailed management and reporting analytics, the team will take your inputs on targeting and messaging and transform them into high performance activity. With daily optimisation and regular reporting, the ROI on your campaign can be tracked, monitored and tweaked to fit in with shifting demands of the social media environment.

  • One Click Campaign Cloning - Copy and repost your campaigns in one click; reset your Quality Score and reduce cost per click (CPC)
  • Report Builder - Drag and drop the data you want to see. Manipulate the date range and metrics and export to PDF
  • Real time conversion data - View cost per acquisition (CPA) & conversion data at the ad level. Experian Social will calculate your margin and optimise accordingly
  • Campaign Activity Stream - Experian Social automatically logs every interaction with your Account and Campaigns via a fully automated and accessible campaign audit stream, allowing full insight into a campaigns timeline

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