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Measuring and Maximising Return on Investment

A cross-channel marketing strategy is highly effective as a whole but measuring the effectiveness of each particular channel and unique strategy can be a challenge.

Using complex sorting, analysis and interpretation processes, Experian will enable you to effectively measure the success of each particular marketing strategy, both online and offline. By understanding your conversions relative to your investment as well as several designated key performance indicators, Experian will help you to measure increases in revenue, customer loyalty and brand evangelism. Online measurements include traffic sources, site referrals, back links and email campaign tracking, and in the social media environment Experian enables you to measure various indicators such as tweets, brand mentions, social links, social links, reach and frequency. Offline measurements such as DM campaigns, call centre data and foot-traffic, for both your organisation and for your competitors, are also incorporated into analyses. With continued maintenance and enhancement of your data results, your organisation will develop more powerful and meaningful engagements to further strengthen relationships with your audience.


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