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Managing Customer Interactions Across Channels

precision targeting and engagement

The conversations you initiate with your audience are communicated across a growing selection of channels. Along with the traditional DM, field sales and call centres there has been a rise in SMS, digital advertising and email, and more recently, harnessing the power of social media. It can be challenging to create a consistent conversation across channels, to appropriately recognise your audience segments, to effectively communicate with these groups via their preferred channel and to unify the data collected through these multiple sources.

Experian enables you to deliver highly targeted and automated campaigns, removing the chance of human error. Utilising an in-depth understanding of your data, Experian helps you to engage your audience with conversations that are specific, tailored and formatted to their most used devices such as tablets, PCs or smartphones, and even accommodates their preferred or most interactive time of contact. All conversations are ongoing with trigger-based communication delivery at pre-determined touch-points. With consistent analysis of the end-to-end movement of traffic across channels, Experian helps you to fine-tune your conversation and enables you to maximise the value of each individual relationship.


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