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Understanding Consumer Behaviours both Online and Offline

know your customer

With the rise of digital marketing across new technologies, it is important to acknowledge that offline channels such as face-to-face and voice-to-voice contact are still highly prevalent. Experian has been at the forefront of classifying consumers for the last 30 years, continually analysing, reporting and forecasting consumer and business behaviour. The traditional marketing process has been fine-tuned but ultimately it retains the same core objectives – identifying and profiling your best customers, finding more of them and engaging them in their preferred channels either online, offline or both.

Your organisation will develop more profitable relationships with your audience by having access to a wealth of information on consumer demographics, lifestyles and behaviour. Customers will be quickly and easily recognised at any touch-point, online or offline, and the interaction will be tailored to them with highly targeted conversations that truly speak to their particular group. The movement of your audience across channels can be tracked over time and their preferred channels will retain a consistency and unity. Experian empowers your audience across all platforms, encouraging them to further identify with your brand, increase their engagement and further solidify their loyalty.


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