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Successful "Big Data" Management

The volume of customer data now available to marketers can be seen as both a gift and a curse, with the opportunity for in-depth insights along with the challenge of understanding how to sort, analyse and interpret the collected data. Many organisations are seeking a consistent, co-ordinated and complete single view of their customers to enable proper identification of individuals in specific channels such as call centres, websites and in-store.

Experian will work with your business to identify issues and goals, then develop and implement strategies to best sort, analyse and interpret the data. With a centralised marketing database, all of the disparate data sources are merged into a single customer view utilising hygiene tools, data parsing and robust matching technology.

Traditional data such as name, address, phone, email, age, income and marital status can be better sorted, analysed and corrected. You’ll significantly enhance your customer relationships with Experian’s strategies and best digital practice, and understanding of transactional data such as sales volumes, online clicks, email open rates, click-through rates, purchase history and online behaviour. Moving forward, Experian can remain a solid business partner, collecting and analysing new data, performing detailed brand comparisons and managing data governance to retain a highly useful and valuable database.


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