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About Experian Marketing Services


Experian Marketing Services is a leading global provider of consumer insights & targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing. We help organisations intelligently interact with today’s empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By helping marketers identify their best customers, find more of them and then coordinate seamless and intelligent interactions across the most appropriate channels, Experian Marketing Services’ clients can deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximise profits.

Experian Marketing Services full suite of marketing services can be combined or utilised separately to create intelligent interactions with your customers, every time.

Consumer Insights & Targeting

Experian Marketing Services helps performance-driven marketers target and engage their best customers through expertly applied consumer intelligence, on and off-line. Measuring in-depth consumer behaviours, attitudes and preferences, we provide more vivid and complete insight into understanding, targeting and engaging individual consumers across channels.

Cross Channel Marketing

Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing products and services enable marketers to efficiently plan, execute, optimise and manage cross-channel marketing programs that deliver truly rewarding customer experiences. Engage and inspire your customers through more timely, relevant and meaningful perpetual conversations, across any channel.

Data Quality

Experian Marketing Services provide a unique combination of software, data and services to solve the complex data quality challenges that organisations across industries encounter. We enable our clients to analyse, improve and control their contact data to facilitate improved decision making underpinned by accurate information.


We created Dana to illustrate today's empowered, opinionated and highly connected customer. She serves as a reminder that everything we do as marketers is about enchanting and delighting her at every point of interaction. To learn more about Dana, check out this short video.

Experian Marketing Services
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