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Analyse local markets, forecast new locations and profile customers online

Understanding local markets is critical for any company wanting to identify new site locations or connect with their customers at hyper-local level

With words like "near me," "closest," and "nearby" being increasingly common across the billions of queries on Google every month, it’s clear that where someone lives has a huge impact on what they buy and where they visit. Whether that be shops, gyms, restaurants, a cup of coffee or a local plumber.

Understanding the types of people who live in particular areas is imperative when making important business decisions around where to open or close site locations, where to expand to next, where to focus your local area marketing efforts and how to grow your customers.

How does Location Analyst work?

Location Analyst is an easy to use, online mapping and data visualisation tool packaged with rich consumer data to help companies optimise their marketing and store network decisions

Key Benefits

  • Understand your customers and find more of them

  • Optimise your local area marketing

  • Effectively plan new locations

  • Tailor your offering to local markets

  • Analyse store performance

  • Create messages which resonate with and motivate local markets to act

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