Experian Fraud Share

Comprehensive fraud protection with New Zealand’s new national cross-industry
fraud solution

Consumers continually demand greater speed and convenience, at less cost, through all channels, which can open up increasing opportunities for fraudsters. Unfortunately, fraud continues to rise and businesses struggle to keep pace. Introducing generic controls and unnecessarily disrupting the application process can lead to abandoned applications, directly impacting top-line growth. So how can organisations stop fraud without significantly increasing costs and inhibiting the user experience of good customers?

Introducing Experian Fraud Share

Fraud Share is New Zealand’s new national cross-industry fraud solution. The innovative approach combines national data sharing with leading edge software and services to provide comprehensive fraud protection.


Fraud Share provides the platform and a single point of reference upon which participating organisations can collectively build an in-depth view of fraud to enhance fraud detection and prevention.

Who is Fraud Share for?

Fraud Share is for organisations who want:

  • An uplift in fraud detection – Detect fraud not yet discovered taking participants beyond sharing a black list.
  • To reduce fraud losses, streamline internal processes and lend more to the right customers with a faster Time To Yes.
  • To make the right decision quicker and offer the best service to the best customers.
  • Increased business profitability and reputation.

What Fraud Share Delivers

  • Access to securely shared industry data for enhanced fraud detection and prevention.

  • Increased verification and controls without disrupting the user experience.

  • Leading edge tools and reporting for better operational control and efficiency as well as enhanced investigation effectiveness.

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