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Make more profitable lending decisions with our next generation strategy management solution

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Grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities

In a rapidly changing, economically uncertain time, it’s more critical than ever to make decisions quickly and accurately so you can acquire new customers, retain existing ones and protect your business.

Experian PowerCurve Strategy Management is an AI powered, simple-to-use, cost-effective decisioning tool that turns data into insights, and allows you to build, test and execute strategies across the customer lifecycle at speed and scale. Available as a cloud-based, pre-packaged solution, it’s also quick to implement.

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  • What is PowerCurve Strategy Management?
    What is PowerCurve Strategy Management?

    PowerCurve Strategy Management is our next generation decisioning solution combining data, analytics and technology to integrate and automate instant decision-making, unlock value and supercharge your performance – end to end throughout the entire customer journey.

    The flexible, pre-packaged, cloud-based solution is powered by a wealth of integrated data-driven insight and advanced analytics enabled by machine learning.

    It gives you the ability to design, test, deploy and refine customer decision strategies quickly and easily in both studio and live operational environments at speed and scale.

  • Why choose PowerCurve Strategy Management?
    Why choose PowerCurve Strategy Management?

    PowerCurve Strategy Management is for organisations who want to:

    • Make decisions faster – Provide quick lending decisions and a seamless experience for new and existing customers.
    • Reduce risk – Make decisions with confidence based on accurate data and testable strategies.
    • Add and retain more customers – Grow your business based on better decisions and exceptional service.
    • Reduce costs - Save money through more efficient strategy management and pay-as-you-use service.
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How it works

  • World class decision engine
    World class decision engine

    World class decision engine proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, provides high performance strategy execution, including in big data environments.

  • Flexible design studio
    Flexible design studio

    Flexible design studio empowers business users to quickly design, test and deploy decision strategies and react to sudden market changes.

  • Shared content
    Shared content

    Shared content including decision ready data, strategy building blocks and templates infused with Experian know how to speed strategy development.

  • Open framework
    Open framework

    Open framework can ingest, map and deploy any combination of traditional or advanced machine learning models into the decision process.

  • Powerful yet accessible analytics
    Powerful yet accessible analytics

    Assisted Strategy Design provides users with powerful yet accessible analytics to help build higher performing strategies.

  • Data driven insights
    Data driven insights

    Data driven insights improve decisions and are powered by scorecards, champion-challenger strategies and access to external modelling environments.

How PowerCurve Strategy Management can help

  • Manage critical decisions across the lifecycle
    Manage critical decisions across the lifecycle

    Understand your new, existing and potential customers like never before. Manage critical customer decisions across the customer lifecycle from acquisition to customer management and collections.

  • Quickly adapt your decision strategies
    Quickly adapt your decision strategies

    Spot emerging market changes early on and quickly adapt your decision strategies to take advantage of opportunity or reduce risk.

  • Supports regulatory compliance
    Supports regulatory compliance

    Support regulatory compliance and audits with the ability to trace, store and explain every decision.

  • Continuously improve strategies easily
    Continuously improve strategies easily

    Evaluate how well your strategies are working and continuously improving them over time – powered by machine learning.

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