How Enrichment works

The information you collect from your customers can tell you a lot. But did you know that you can append additional attributes to your customer records to supplement the limited contact information you already know?

With our data enrichment services, we can provide an actionable file including behavioural, financial, and demographic information. With over 1,000 attributes from our Experian database, we can help you connect with the right customers in the most effective way.

Enriching your data with Experian means you can Profile your customers, know who to Prioritise; Personalise for the best experience, and drive increased Performance.

Benefits of data enrichment

  • Complete customer profiling

    Append over 700 data elements to your existing records

    • Update missing or incomplete data fields in your customer records
    • Build audience segments using attributes from your top customers
  • Insight, targeted marketing

    Target customers using defined audience segments.

    • Prioritise leads based on customers' propensity to purchase
    • Improve marketing efficiency and ROl
  • Improved customer experience

    Tailor messages and offers based on customer needs and preferences.

    • Connect with customers through their preferred communication channels
    • Ensure your messages reach your customers with complete, validated Information
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