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Consumer Insights

Understand and communicate with your ideal audience

Prioritising and targeting the best customers for the greatest return on marketing investment requires an updated and accurate customer segmentation system. Additionally, unifying marketing programs across traditional and digital media with defined customer segments enables maximum engagement, profitable acquisition, and increased customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

How much do you really know about your customers, about the people who use your services and buy your products?

Experian’s demographic classifications help you understand your customers, from knowing where they live and how to communicate with them, through to their lifestyles, culture and behaviours.

The classification tool, Mosaic is available in New Zealand and multiple countries around the globe, classifying a billion people worldwide.

Mosaic enables marketers to:

  • Make smart customer investment decisions
  • Build loyal, long-term relationships with the most valuable customers
  • Deliver significant return on marketing spend
  • Maintain consistent consumer experiences across touch-points
  • Understand and precisely target your ideal customer audience across marketing campaigns and channels
  • Confidently fuel marketing programs with more accurate segment definitions
  • Unify channels, platforms and processes with a common customer language

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Consumer Insights & Targeting
Target your audiences with precision and insight
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