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Personalise your communications with Experian’s Mosaic

Your customers create large amounts of data every day, and you capture it at every moment through your brand, product and service touch points. While this information can be used to your advantage, you might be missing some of the most important insights you need – going beyond the customer journey to actually get to know your customers.

Mosaic defines, measures, describes and engages audiences through accurate segmentation, so that you can have more effective conversations with your customers.

How does Mosaic work?

Mosaic layers comprehensive information about every household in New Zealand on top of your existing data, giving you unprecedented insights into who your customers are, how they behave, and how you can reach them.

Next-level segmentation brings your customers to life with pen portraits, word clouds, infographics, animations, interactive maps, bar charts and crosstabs.

Mosaic enables you to:

  • Make smart customer investment decisions
  • Deliver significant return on marketing spend
  • Build loyal, long-term relationships with your most valuable customers
  • Maintain consistent consumer experiences across all touch-points

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