Consumer Credit Report & Credit Score

An in-depth, holistic and singular customer view

Providing credit to customers can be mutually beneficial but it is essential that the associated risk is identified and appropriately managed. Information is available to aid in assessing credit risk but a comprehensive decision can only be made if all of the customer’s details are considered. Experian’s Consumer Credit Report incorporates the latest technology to provide an in-depth, holistic view of customers credit risk. The Experian Credit Report will include a person's Credit Score, which is a number between 0 and 1000 that represents your credit worthiness.

Upon enquiry, Experian uses matching algorithms to compile a wide range of personal details including historic defaults, bankruptcies, court information, credit enquiries and a list of current credit providers. All reports are available in real time via webservices, using XML. The information can be viewed together with a summary of the key elements relating to the individual.

Experian's credit reporting system is highly flexible, enabling updates to products and changes in line with market requirements. Additionally, Experian's Consumer Credit Bureau platform has the capacity for full data sharing to incorporate comprehensive credit reporting.

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