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Spending on big data and analytics continues to grow. It’s down to us to solve our clients’ most critical business problems through the creative application of analytics.
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Customer Services

Our Customer Service team handles queries on the phone and online, using first-class communication skills to engage with business customers, consumers, colleagues and data suppliers.
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Our marketing and communications organisation operates both regionally and globally with a span of opportunities across varying roles, embedded as a key member of the business operational team.
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Sales and Business Development

Our sales and business development professionals build the crucial relationships that help us to lead the way as a global information services company.
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Information Technology

We harness new technologies to capture, analyse and protect critical data. Our advanced platforms and scale of operations provide a unique opportunity for those in the IT field.
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Product Development

From fraud management tools to integrated custom solutions, our product development experts conceive, design, build and manage each of the hundreds of products and services we offer.
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Innovation Hub and Data Labs

At Experian, we are committed to transforming our business in order to stay relevant. Our APAC Innovation Hub drives this but we have a culture of innovation throughout our business.
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Corporate Functions

Comprising internal support teams such as Administration, Compliance, Facilities, HR, Project Management and Finance, our Corporate Functions team drives our success from the inside out.
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What You Can Expect Next

Your resume will be reviewed by a member of our awesome Talent Acquisition team and if you’re a good fit for a role, we will reach out to you.

If you move forward in the hiring process, you’ll participate in a series of interviews to evaluate your skills - some may be over the phone and others onsite at an Experian location.