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Social Intelligence

Social media based market analysis

The rapid rise of social media has demanded that corporations stay ahead of the game in terms of monitoring and assessing the social engagement of their own brand and their competitors.

Experian’s intelligence services can leverage the vast and growing social channel to gain actionable insights that can be used to drive messaging and contact strategy via your preferred channels.

While social media is a relatively new digital marketing game changer, Experian can draw on its rich heritage of market analysis, online database technology and data analytics to fuel a unique approach to harnessing unstructured social data and applying it to actionable outcomes.

Experian’s intelligence services can measure and monitor the influence and outreach of brands and sentiment across online communities, analysing billions of social media posts and traffic to reveal what is driving the social media conversation.

Learn how you can increase your organisation’s social media engagement by understanding the profile and social behaviour of your customers.

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