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Harness the Power of Social Media

Harness the Power of Facebook Advertising with Experian Social

Australian spend on social media is growing rapidly. Facebook has the largest market share and greatest reach:with over 10.7 million members in Australia and powerful targeting capabilities, it's a key channel that's here to stay.

That's why it's vital to include Facebook advertising in your campaign strategy. The latest addition to our suite of multichannel marketing solutions, Experian Social takes managing, creating and monitoring Facebook campaigns to new levels. Alchemy is our unique online advertising platform for creating, managing and optimising social advertising campaigns. The sophisticated platform allows you to target specific demographic groups and tailor creative and offers to specific individuals.

So how can you better target and optimise Facebook ads to reach your core audience? View the Experian Marketing Services webinar for insights into:

  • Building a strong online community of brand advocates at the lowest possible cost
  • Publishing thousands of precisely targeted Facebook ads in seconds. Boost click through rates by up to 80% and reduce costs per click by up to 50%
  • Best practice tips on building, optimizing and executing Facebook campaigns


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