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Webinar - AudienceView for Automotive

Shift your marketing into high gear. Effectively find, target and reach your most profitable current and potential Automotive customers with precise insights.

Build a comprehensive picture of your ideal customer. Draw on psychographic, geographic and lifestyle segmentation data to gain unique insight. Segment by vehicle category and benchmark against the competition, identify competitive threats based on specific vehicle models. Measure reach and effectiveness over time compared to your competition. Interpret online behaviour to determine the types of messages that really resonate.

Develop robust strategy with dynamic data:

• Refine by category. Identify and segment consumers when they visit a category-specific page on your site

• Make the most of media spend Know which channels your customers engage with regularly

• Measure campaign effectiveness Gain insight into how different campaigns have performed over time

• Link online and offline behaviour. Find out which prospective customers are engaging and how

• Pinpoint where customers live Identify online activity and channel preferences alongside geographic locations

Click the link below to view the webinar now. Join our resident engagement experts and accelerate your marketing

>> Watch the webinar

Audienceview for Automotive


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