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Holiday Social Insights

Webinar - Gain customer insight to inform your holiday season social marketing

The holiday season is fast approaching. Find out more about your online audience and how to engage them through emerging channels.

The webinar discusses the value of key social media channels in driving customer loyalty and spend, with a focus on the role of Pinterest in the customer journey. It also looks at the power of demographic segmentation and profiling in achieving a precise view of customer behaviours and preferences.

The webinar examines hot topics during this crucial retail period:

What Christmas 2012 looked like. Learn about the influence of social media in the Shopping and Classifieds sector, with predictions for 2013.

Exploring trends. Identify groups based on their online attributes and behaviours: use this information to drive targeted campaigns.

Pinpoint accuracy. Delve into Pinterest, a social network on the rise: explore characteristics, preferences and behaviours of regular pinners.

Navigating the data goldmine. Discover the power of data in devising a targeted strategy and uncover some real gems.

Find out how to get it right. Devise a strategy based on best practice engagement examples, advice and recommendations.


Join our resident insights expert and view the webinar now!

Holiday Social Insights


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