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Enabling efficiency through Data Governance: a phased approach

Enabling efficiency through Data Governance: a phased approach

Transform your process efficiency, decision-making and customer engagement by improving data accuracy

Implementing fixes to data quality without understanding the causes can be time consuming and expensive. Adopting data governance through a phased approach can help you understand the underlying causes and introduce efficient solutions that improve long term data accuracy.

This paper discusses how to implement a data governance strategy by breaking it down into manageable parts, beginning with the foundation, and then adopting the next steps based on highest business impact.

Discover the broad range of benefits that result from implementing data governance:

  • - Maximising the value of data by identifying, quantifying and correcting data quality process issues
  • - Improve the return on investment in process and infrastructural investments around data quality through proactive monitoring
  • - Enforce business and regulatory data policies ensuring any potential risks introduced through poor data processes are mitigated

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