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2015 Digital Marketer: Australian and New Zealand Insights Report

2015 Digital Marketer: Australian and New Zealand Insights Report


We all know, in an ideal world marketers would know what a customer wants, when and how they want it. In reality, this is a challenging concept that many marketers find near impossible to put into practice.

Following the release of the Global Digital Marketer Report, we’ve taken the insights specific to the Australian and New Zealand market and compiled this regional version, complete with analysis, trends and tips to help you on the path to being a truly custom-centric brand.


Key trends:

  • Automation: 43% of regional marketers are challenged by finding the right technology. Much higher than the global norm
  • Data: 43% site data quality as the biggest barrier to creating one view of each customer. Access the tactics to ensure customer data is accurate and marketable
  • Enrichment: 37% of respondents don’t enrich data with third party sources, significantly higher than global brands
  • Exceptional Interactions: Tackle the biggest barriers to cross-channel marketing - Technology, Budget & Linkage

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