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Developing a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

the right message to the right channel

At Experian we understand that businesses are now interested in starting a conversation with an audience rather than simply delivering a marketing message to a customer. We can help to pull your audience towards your brand rather than simply pushing your product or service into the marketplace. It can be challenging to converse with an audience when the modes of communication, both on- and off-line are so varied, including digital advertising, email, DM, SMS, social media, IPTV, digital signage, digital publications, field sales and call centres. Several challenges arise such as how to create a conversation across multiple channels, how to effectively recognise customers and how to communicate with people as individuals appropriately via their preferred channel.

Experian harnesses the power of data to engage new audiences and further engage existing audiences using a strategic, cross-platform consultative approach. With the tools, knowledge and understanding of how to develop digital best practice strategies, Experian assists you to define your organisations multichannel marketing strategy to deliver maximum value back to the business.


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