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Experian is a complete service provider and thanks to our leading edge technology, our expertise and our client focus we are the chosen strategic partner for hundreds of businesses in Asia Pacific. Here is what differentiates us from our competitors:

Our experience

We have over 20-years experience in different markets across the region. We have developed and implemented sophisticated decision support systems and marketing services for major verticals in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, S. Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. And we understand that every market has unique characteristics and every client its individual requirements.

Our solutions

Leading organisations around the world rely on Experian’s systems to help them make the right decision at each stage in the life cycle of their customers – from acquisition to customer relationship management. Experian is dedicated to global best practices and developing strategies that can significantly increase the profitability of our clients. We are committed to helping organisations address their challenges and delivering an innovative solution to suit their business needs.

Our delivery capability

Experian provides established software system technology with complete implementation and business consulting support. As a professional solutions provider, Experian has a formal structure of product development, implementation and support for our clients. Our software undergoes intensive in-house and beta-site testing prior to general market release. Because of our close relationship with large and demanding organisations we have formal agreements for joint development and testing of software solutions. Clients can therefore be assured of our proven solutions.

We continue to focus on our strategic objectives in Asia Pacific, which are:

Deepening customer relationships

We support our clients by using our expertise and breadth of capabilities to provide powerful solutions that meet their needs. And we are dedicated to broadening and deepening these relationships through innovation, integrity, accuracy and reliability.

Providing innovative products and services

Our leading edge products and services are designed to address our customers' needs and help them identify new opportunities. For example, Marketswitch Optimisation helps clients make value-maximising decisions, whether it is marketing or risk management - from prospecting to debt recovery.

Supporting our clients by specialising and expanding into new vertical market sectors

We develop and adapt our products and services to fit new market sectors. For example, our customer insight products, including Mosaic, are used by a wide variety of industries, such as banking, retail, telecommunications and public services, to develop a better understanding of the geodemographic nature of their customers.

Fundamental to meeting our strategic objectives are three key elements; Our people, data and technology.


Our people provide a combination of functional expertise and a deep understanding of the markets in which our clients operate. This insight means that we can offer best practice solutions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.


We invest heavily in maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date information, while adding new data sources wherever possible, to offer our customers more value-added products and services.


We offer the capability and scalability to meet the ongoing needs of our clients and support their future requirements with a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

We bring together the best people, data and technology to help to achieve the best results for our customers.

  • Annual sales in excess of US$4 billion
  • 15,500 people worldwide
  • Offices in 38 countries and clients in 65 countries
  • Asia Pacific offices include - Australia, Greater China, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, S. Korea and Hong Kong
  • Products and services in more countries than any competitor
  • 30+ years of data management and modelling expertise for bureau data, building more than 300 scorecards a year
  • Maintain information on over 400 million consumer and 50 million businesses including Sinotrust
  • Invested in DP Information Group to operate a consumer credit bureau in Singapore
  • Connectivity with 70+ credit bureaux in the world
  • Develop 25 country-specific Mosaic consumer segmentation systems - including for Asia Pacific
  • Maintain 130 million households and consumer marketing information globally
  • We have over 20 years experience in fraud and identity solutions
  • Our Decision Analytics solutions cover all stages of customer lifecycle and help clients make more than 20 billion decisions every year
  • We provide 1,500 clients around the world with daily insights for Hitwise’ online usage, search and conversation behaviour of 25 million Internet users
  • Our leading QAS address management solutions provide more than 10,000 customers across all market sectors
  • Our leading Cheetahmail’ email marketing and customer intelligence technologies service top enterprises worldwide
  • We provide Footfall’s shoppers counting for more than 6 billion people a year worldwide including Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our clients include 9 out of the top 10 retail property companies and the major top 100 retailers worldwide

Experian support clients in over 65 countries around the world and some of our client relationships have been in place for over 25 years. In Asia Pacific, we specialise in broad range of industry sectors including financial services, retail, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, automotive, leisure, charity property and the public sector.

Some of our major clients are the largest state-owned commercial banks and leading retail banks in China. Others include:-

American Express
Bank of America
BMW Financial Services
BNP Paribas
Capital One
Coors Brewers UK
Crate and Barrel
Crédit Agricole
Crédit Lyonnais
First American
France Telecom
Hilton International
Kookmin Bank
Lloyds TSB
Marks & Spencer
Morgan Stanley
National Australia Bank
Procter & Gamble
Royal Mail
Société Générale
Washington Mutual

Our story is one of ground-breaking innovation. Bringing together our core capabilities; information, expertise and partnership, we have come a long way since 1988.


  • Experian launches into the Asia Pacific market by establishing Experian Australia, ushering in its portfolio of credit analytics, decision support software and fraud solutions.


  • Experian expands its presence by moving into the Hong Kong market and sets about providing its global expertise with a focus on local knowledge.


  • Experian introduces its market-leading Mosaic classification tool to Asia Pacific to deliver data-driven customer relationship management tools.
  • Not content with that, Experian brings its Strategy Management solution to the credit market, complete with Probe SM solutions and behavioural scoring boasting sophisticated segmentation and analysis facilities.


  • A new generation of our decision support tools is born with the release of Strategy Management Generation3. It is one of the first customer-centric solutions to introduce the concept of using scorecard and decisioning technology to improve customer relationship management. Strategy Management Generation3 also provides sophisticated modeling techniques in compliance with the new Basel Capital Accord (Basel II).
  • Experian introduces its comprehensive credit risk and loan origination solutions into Asia Pacific.


  • Experian acquires CheetahMail, an email marketing and customer intelligence solution company. Experian Cheetahmail is a trusted service provider of email marketing and customer intelligence technologies for top enterprises worldwide.
  • Experian acquires QAS, an award-winning software is result of a 17-year investment in technology development to ensure each solution delivers the highest level of functionality and service support.
  • The Asia Pacific expansion continues with the establishment of Experian Japan to bring best practice customer and credit risk management solutions to the country
  • Introduced Basel Consultancy in Basel II compliance and improved credit risk management processes.


  • The launch of Experian China brings information solutions, data intelligence, risk management, decision analytics and marketing solutions to another new Asia Pacific market. Soon after, Experian complements the move with the release of Mosaic China, ushering in consumer classification expertise to its operation.
  • Experian releases its Address Cleaning Solution to improve integrity of address data in Asia Pacific.
  • Experian then introduces its Credit Risk Decisioning Solution for Customer Management, and follows that with an expansion of its credit bureau capabilities with the release of an application fraud prevention service.


  • Experian QAS signals its expansion in Asia Pacific with the opening of an office in New Zealand, introducing address management solutions to the market.
  • Experian further broadens its Business Stategies offering with the acquisition of FootFall, the European market leader in customer counting technology and retail information integration services.


  • Introduced Regional Delivery Centre, a best-in-class delivery team to support local markets.
  • Following its acquisition, Experian FooFall’s industry-leading customer counting technology and services is introduced to Asia Pacific and into many of its biggest shopping malls.
  • Experian acquires Hitwise, an Internet market intelligence company, and Tallyman, an industry-leading solution for revenue management and collection.
  • The MOSAIC family grows with the release of Mosaic Singapore, bringing consumer segmentation to the market, and helping marketers target, acquire, manage and develop more profitable customer relationships.
  • Experian Footfall launches its Hong Kong Index, providing retailers with valuable data on customer movement around key shopping areas.

On this business day in 2008 Experian can proudly state:

  • Experian named to Top 15 in FinTech 100 Ranking of Global Financial Services industry vendors
  • Experian is a winner of Data Strategy Awards, including:
    • Best Suppression Data - Experian QAS
    • Best use of Data for a Financial Services Institution - Lloyds TSB and Experian Decision Analytics
    • Best Practice in Data Management - Sky and Experian Integrated Marketing, for the second year running
    • Best Data Enhancement Service - Sky and Experian Integrated Marketing
    • Data Professional of the year - Experian QAS
  • We operates credit bureaus in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • Our Research and Development Centre in Asia support global clients
  • Our Regional Delivery Centre in Asia provide state-of-the-art analytics and service delivery to clients in the region
  • Our comprehensive database contains the credit files of more than 700 million consumers and 50 million businesses including Sinotrust.

And all of this helps our customers make better consumer and commercial credit decisions. 

Our people, data and technology to become a necessary part of enabling better understanding, managing and protecting data information throughout the customer purchasing lifecycle.

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