New Zealand
New Zealand New Zealand
Consumers make most of their payments by internet banking
  • 74%
  • 70.5%
  • 54.5%
  • 46.5%
  • 39.6%
  • 40.7%
  • A higher percentage make payments via internet banking to banks and insurance companies, telcos, and retailers, respectively, compared to the regional average
  • Impact: Anti-fraud capabilities critical to the increased digital transaction frequency and customers’ trust in banks
Australia Australia
Consumers are most satisfied with the post-fraud service of banks and insurances companies
  • More than 70% satisfaction rate compared to 59.7% on average
  • Impact: Increased trust in BFSIs
Indonesia Indonesia
Consumers that encountered most fraud incidents in the past 12 months

AP Average

  • 49.8% have experienced fraud at least once compared to 34.7% on average
  • Impact: Overall anti-fraud capabilities need improvement
Singapore Singapore
Consumers have the highest trust towards government
AP Average
  • 75.5% choose government agencies, compared with 51.7% on average
  • Impact: Trust of personal data protection is centered around government agencies
Vietnam Vietnam
Consumers encountered most fraud incidents in retail and telco during the past 12 months
  • 55%
  • 54.5%
  • 32.8%
  • 35.2%
  • 55% and 54.5% have experienced fraud at least once in retail and telco, respectively, compared to 32.8% and 35.2% on average
  • Impact: Overall anti-fraud capabilities need improvement
Thailand Thailand
Most Thai consumers believe speed and resolution are severely lacking (response/ detection speed toward fraud incidents)
AP Average
  • 60.5% think it is most important, compared to 47.7% on average
  • Impact: Response time as one of key factors to fraud management to retain customers and gain their trust
India India as standalone
Consumers have the largest number of shopping app accounts in the region
  • Average of three accounts per person
  • Impact: Highest exposure to online fraud
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hong Kong
The least percentage of consumers with high satisfaction level toward banks and insurance companies’ fraud management
AP Average
  • Only 9.7% are most satisfied compared to 21.1% on average
  • Impact: effective response towards fraud incidents to be improved
China China
Consumers are the most tolerant toward submitting and sharing of personal data
AP Average
  • 46.6% compared to the AP average of 27.5% are accepting of sharing personal data of existing accounts with other business entities
  • Impact: higher exposure of data privacy and risk of fraud
Japan Japan as standalone
Consumers most cautious on digital accounts and transactions
50.7% Actively maintain digital accounts’ validity
27% AP Average
45.5% Do not do online bank transfers
13.5% AP Average
  • More than 70% did not encounter fraud incidents in past 12 months, compared to 50% on average
  • Impact: Relatively low risk of fraud

Experian expands ANZ leadership with two new senior appointments

Experian expands ANZ leadership with two new senior appointments
  • Experian’s Credit Services team strengthened with new General Manager to support clients’ adoption of Comprehensive Credit Reporting
  • Steve Philpotts becomes General Manager of Data Quality & Targeting

28 February 2018 – Australian credit bureau and the world’s leading information services company, Experian, has announced two senior appointments within its Australian and New Zealand Credit Services and Data Quality and Targeting businesses.


“With 2018 set to be a momentous year for the credit industry in Australia, it was important to have the right organisational structure in place to deliver our global expertise and solutions to clients,” said Andrew Black, Managing Director of Experian Australia and NZ.


“We pride ourselves on recognising talent within and aligning skills across the business, which in turn enables us to better identify synergies for our clients to enhance their data-led decision making, whether that’s a banking customer, citizen or potential customer.”


Credit Services leadership bolstered

15-year company veteran and data expert Tristan Taylor has been promoted to General Manager of Credit Services A/NZ – a key position supporting credit provider clients as they face the biggest change in Australia’s credit services industry.


With the Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) regime set to change the face of the credit market, Taylor will lead the team in applying Experian’s global experience working in 18 other countries with positive data environments to support clients through this transition.


Andrew Black said Taylor’s unparalleled understanding of data and client needs made him the clear choice for the new role which “requires a blend of skillsets from operational delivery to business leadership and there is no one better to lead by example and ensure our Credit Services team is the best they can be”.


Taylor said he plans to use his experience in the UK, where Experian operates a significant positive credit bureau, to help Australian organisations securely manage, share and consume the new CCR data to make smarter and more responsible credit decisions. “There is still a way to go before we see a world class comprehensive reporting system implemented here compared to other mature markets. The supply, consumption and governance of data does pose challenges, but Experian can assist and I’m looking forward to implementing our CCR strategy and working with the industry through this transition.”


Taylor’s appointment coincides with two further additions to the Credit Services and Decision Analytics (CSDA) A/NZ leadership team, led by Poli Konstantinidis. The team’s former Head of Sales for Credit Services, Mark Henderson, has been appointed to Sales Director, CSDA, while Anita Hancock will fill the newly formed Head of Client Management role for the business unit further demonstrating Experian’s commitment and growth in Australia.


Data Quality & Targeting head focused on delivering fast time-to-value data solutions

Steve Philpotts, an Experian employee for over 11 years, has become the new General Manager of its A/NZ Data Quality and Targeting business, replacing Andrew Black who stepped up to become the company’s Managing Director last year.


Black believes Philpotts is the right person to replace him at the helm of the Data Quality and Targeting (DQT) business as a client-focused strategic thinker and high-performance manager.


“Steve runs his team within a high-performance framework, always driving people to go further and achieve their potential. I’ve witnessed the positive impact his leadership has had on the business, so I have every confidence in Steve as my successor.”


Philpotts said his goal in this new role is to demonstrate to industry that all businesses can benefit from the power of data, and large-scale projects are not always the answer.


“With data governance now a differentiator between organisations who can succeed and those who will get left behind, I understand companies want to see tangible results, fast,” Philpotts said.


“I’m looking forward to working with our clients to deliver fast time-to-value solutions. They can often be more effective than large-scale programs, which we’ve demonstrated to a number of clients now by delivering results within months rather than years.”


Both Taylor and Philpotts are prime examples of the career progression at Experian and its focus on providing employees with global mobility opportunities – both previously worked for Experian in the UK before making the move to Australia.


Taylor is based in Experian’s Melbourne office, while Philpotts is located in Sydney.

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By Experian 02/27/2018

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