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Data Quality Overview

Contact Data Management and Data Quality Solutions

Over 98,000 product users worldwide and 1000 corporate customers in Australian & New Zealand use Experian Marketing Services' Data Quality software to enhance and maximise their data quality.

Our data quality services assist marketers to plan and execute multichannel campaigns while harnessing the power of in-depth customer insight. With the technology to provide accurate, clean and up-to-date consumer information, you can further engage customers, build brand advocacy and maximise marketing return on investment. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, grow existing relationships or re-engage lapsed customers, Experian has an integral solution.

These include:


Experian Marketing Services' Data Quality is shaping the future of address verification software. Our user-friendly address verification software suite integrates quickly and easily with almost any established or custom-built customer management program to provide a complete front and back-end contact data management solution.

The Data Quality suite of products covers address verification offline, online and email.

  • Address verification during data entry - address verification software provides fast and accurate real-time address validation against the latest New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF), GNAF and other datasets. Find out more
  • Online contact data verification for websites - Enhance your customer forms by helping customers complete and verify their address records at point of capture. Find out more 
  • Email validation - Instantly validate an email address based on multiple settings of error detection including at the domain, syntax and username level. Find out more


  •  Automated address cleansing - Address verification software that cleanses your existing database, automatically correcting spelling mistakes and formatting errors appending DPID (Delivery Point Identifiers) and barcodes. Find out more
  • De-duplication- QAS Unify is a de-duplication tool which helps to deliver a single customer view of your customers. Find out more
  • Email cleansing – provide bulk file cleansing of email address information as well as real time


Data Quality
Address Management and Data Integrity Solutions
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