Data Cleansing

Automated Address Cleansing for your Database

Experian Marketing Services' Data Quality address verification software is a powerful interactive data cleansing tool which enables you to clean addresses in your existing database.

During a typical batch run, the address checking process verifies each record in the address database against the latest Australia and New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF), GNAF or equivalent for international addresses.

QAS Batch gives you visibility of which records have been amended and the changes that have been implemented giving you complete control over the process.

Deduplication of Databases & Lists

Ensuring that your database is free from duplicate contact records is an essential part of effective contact data management. To provide you with a single view of your customers, your organisation must aim to regularly remove duplicates in your existing database(s), and ensure that duplicate records are unable to enter your database from the outset.

QAS Unify is a de-duplication tool which helps to deliver a single customer view of your customers. Unify software can work in real time to prevent duplicate contact records from entering your organisation's database, as well as help remove any existing duplicates by retrospectively identifying and merging large volumes of contact records.

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