Address Verification

Accurate address management for your contact database

Experian Marketing Services' Data Quality is shaping the future of data capture software. Our user-friendly data capture software suite integrates quickly and easily with almost any established or custom-built CRM or application to provide a complete front-end and back-end contact data management solution.

Address Verification at the Point of Data Entry

Our address verification software provides fast and accurate real-time address validation against the latest Postal Address File (PAF) and/or Geospatial National Address File (GNAF). Performing address verification at the point of data capture ensures the information entering your database or CRM is complete and correct.


  • Faster data entry
  • Accurate address validation
  • Improve customer satisfaction & engagement
  • Cost savings

Online Data Verification for Websites

Many customers are now choosing to shop online for convenience and speed. It is essential to improve online usability and experience and one key way to do this is by enhancing your customer forms. Data Quality's online data capture helps your customers complete and verify their address records at point of capture.


  • Save time and money
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer analytics
  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty

Email Verification for Forms and Databases

Improve the accuracy and ensure the validity of entered email addresses at point of capture in your web form. Experian QAS software can instantly match email addresses to known dead domain names, malicious email addresses, and common typographical errors in email address submissions.


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