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Personalise your communications with Experian’s Mosaic

Experian’s Mosaic tool lets you combine your own customer insights with next-level detail into consumers across the country to achieve a complete 360 degree profile of each of your customer segments. Mosaic classifies all New Zealand households and neighbourhoods into 34 unique segments and 9 overarching groups, providing insight into consumers’ choices, preferences and habits.

View in-depth detail below on the 9 overarching Groups and associated unique segment Types, including their lifestyles, attitudes, residences, finances, occupations favoured technologies and communication channels.



A. Corporate Ladder Kings

Educated professionals living in large houses in desirable areas, looking for balance to their busy lives and planning for the future

A01. Power Professionals

Highly prosperous households comprising of finance savvy professionals and business owners, living in grand houses in desirable areas

A02. Wine And Waves

Older, well-educated families on the verge of retirement enjoying the rewards of successful careers, using the internet to keep updated

A03. Double Dollar Suits

Well-educated double income professional couples with young families, using technology to juggle their busy lifestyles

A04. Gold Plated Ride-Ons

Wealthy families with large modern properties on the rural outskirts, enjoying the outdoors and have practical technology needs


B. Reaping The Rewards

Established, conservative, older couples living comfortable lives in high quality houses, appreciating traditional country pursuits

B05. Tea And Biscuits

Financially secure, older couples who have paid off their homes close to the city, now enjoying more time for their hobbies

B06. Outdoor Wanderers

Established couples or families living in larger rural properties who embrace the outdoor life and enjoy traditional country pursuits

B07. Backwater Bowls

Traditional New Zealander wealthy retired couples, enjoying a comfortable settled life in regional towns, leading healthy lifestyles


C. Tractors And Trees

Hard working rural farming families living in large comfortable homes, who are engaged in the local community

C08. High Speed Harvesters

Older hard working families with farming backgrounds in rural locations, transferring the running of the farm to the next generation

C09. Farming The Wilderness

Practically minded rural farming families with modest lifestyles, financial burdens, and a passion for fast cars and motorbikes

C10. Rustic Retirees

Semi-retired older couples living in outer regional and rural locations, with simple tastes, enjoying the local community spirit


D. Smartphone Savvies

Young, technology-savvy home sharers or families living comfortably in urban apartments with strong career goals and a positive outlook

D11. Working The Network

Financially established and techno savvy, highly educated singles who own their urban apartments and enjoy a fast paced lifestyle

D12. Hash Tag Look At Me

Fashion focused, social and technologically astute younger families, renting modern properties in the major cities

D13. Sharing Spaces

Middle-aged home sharers, living in the suburbs, who enjoy social networking and trying to find a balance between work and play

D14. Touchscreens And Takeaways

Extended families in modern suburban houses, with low disposable income who like to stand out and are influenced by their social sphere

D15. Halftime Hopes

Financially comfortable families who require technology to be practical, living in city apartments and optimistic about the future


E. Watching The Pennies

Older families and couples with conservative views, who are careful with their money and have an easy going attitude to life

E16. Carefree Suburbia

Older families keeping an eye on their finances but enjoying an easy going life using traditional media to stay informed and up to date

E17. Creatures Of Habit

Elderly couples enjoying a stress-free life while residing in segregated neighbourhoods, and listening to the radio to stay in touch

E18. Mortgages And Microwaves

Hands-on people who enjoy fixing and tinkering with cars and an active outdoor lifestyle who are balancing large financial commitments

E19. Newspapers And Knitting

Senior, mainly divorced singles, retired and financially comfortable with traditional values, preferring bricks and mortar to online


F. Generation Next

Young singles who are studying or just starting out in their careers, living in urban apartments, and love technology and new gadgets

F20. Turbo Treadmills

Driven, degree-educated individuals in early stages of their careers, living in shared spaces and using their mobile to stay connected

F21. Win The Better Life

Younger singles living in shared rental apartments where job security is important and are searching for something better in life

F22. Just Add Water

Young students in full time study who are connected 24/7, living in campus accommodation, spending their free time with friends


G. Crochet Communities

Elderly singles living in rented apartments, living off their investments, who watch tv and listen to the radio to stay in touch

G23. Messaging Motorheads

Mix of older and young singles renting in the suburbs, heavy texters and social networkers wanting to be taken seriously

G24. Community Greys

Retired, mainly single, elderly, living off their investments in retirement villages and taking each day as it comes

G25. Talkback And Telly

Price sensitive seniors, renting government housing in rural locations, living a low-key lifestyle to keep on top of their finances


H. Bargains, Benefits And Babies

Young families focused on their young kids who are finding it hard to balance work and leisure, feeling burdened by their finances

H26. Fishing For A Bargain

Mature, dual income, family centric households in mortgaged moderate sized homes, on a tight budget and enjoy hunting for bargains

H27. Hiring The Lifestyle

Shopping fanatic young families in small homes, with average incomes, who love loyalty cards and coupons, and pay attention to adverts

H28. Remote Controlling

Busy mixed families on low incomes in rented government housing, where kids come first and who impulse purchase for the latest gadgets

H29. Stately Renters

Older single parents of Maori descent, living in state housing, who feel quite isolated and have financial challenges

H30. Kids And Cars

Single parents with young kids, living in some of the poorer areas with strong focus on their kids and a preference for online shopping


I. Extended Cultural Living

Mixed family Maori or Pacific Islander households who worry about the future but are influenced by ads to spend beyond their means

I31. Window Shopping Strugglers

Large multi-family Pacific Islander households, struggling on low incomes, who look out for ads about special offers to get a good deal

I32. Square Eyes And Empty Pockets

Singles on low incomes or benefits, living in Government housing, who feel isolated so like to watch tv and are influenced by adverts

I33. Extending The Benefits

Large multi-family Maori households on low income or benefits, who listen to radio and watch tv but are influenced to buy by friends

I34. Play Dough And Pizza

Mixed family Maori households with a strong focus on their young children, so are heavy viewers of kids tv and kids apps on mobiles