Demographic Profiling and Segmentation

Understand the who, when, what, how and why of your consumers.

Understanding how consumers live, behave, communicate and interact in this evolving environment is a critical business task. Mosaic gives you a comprehensive view of consumers’ demographic data now and in the future.

What can consumer classification do for my organisation?

Mosaic provides you with invaluable consumer insights and understanding: who, what, where, when, how and why. Profiling consumers based on demographic information and segmenting them accordingly can help you to understand, target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships and improve business results.

Customer segmentation also gives you a better insight into locations and the people they serve, ensuring that you get the best from your online and offline sites, with the right mix of products and tenants and targeted and effective media planning and buying.

Mosaic helps you to look ahead and plan for the future. Using specifically targeted demographic data, you can analyse consumer behaviour, understand potential risk and identify investment opportunities.

A few key facts:

  • Mosaic’s consumer classification categories are based on analysis of the latest trends in New Zealand's society, a wealth of high quality, comprehensive demographic data sources and a sophisticated proprietary approach to cluster analysis, supported by analysis of market research to validate the classification
  • 34 Mosaic Types aggregate into 9 Groups, to create a classification that can be used at the household level, providing information about what drives consumers lifestyles and priorities
  • To help you understand Mosaic and use it towards effective customer segmentation, the comprehensive Client Visualisation Portal brings consumer classification to life with a mix of visual, descriptive and statistical information, for example, the variables used and in-depth descriptions of each household type. The supporting resources also offer a quick synopsis of the classification for immediate consumer insights.

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