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A vast amount of data is produced around the world each day. Every phone call, every purchase, every visit to your website generates data. But how do you begin unravelling and making sense of it? How do you begin to turn insights into action?

At Experian, we believe data has the power to transform lives and societies for the better. We specialise in making sense of data in powerful new ways that create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society as a whole.

Every day, we enable people to achieve more

For more than 125 years around the world, we’ve been gathering, analysing and processing data in unique ways.

We’ve been helping individuals to take control of their finances, to put themselves in a better position to buy their dream home and send their children off to university. We’ve been empowering businesses and organisations to make smarter decisions, lend more responsibly, and combat crime and fraud in all sectors of our society. And our work here isn’t done.

Now more than ever, we’re investing in new technologies, talented people, and innovative solutions. With more than 17,000 members of staff in 37 countries, we’re dedicated to harnessing the power of data to deliver new opportunities and create a better tomorrow, for everyone.

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